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Castiglione - Rogue Genius of the Baroque

Watch this fascinating BBC documentary on the Italian Baroque Artist Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione by Art Historian Helen Rosslyn. describing the life and art of the man who pioneered the oil sketch and invented the printing technique known as monotype.

beside the easel turns 2!!

Dulwich Picture Gallery, London 2013

Two years ago I had an idea for a blog about art history and my favourite artists of all time, celebrating their birthdays and their great art by in-depth analysis of some of their best works. Over the course of that time I have discovered numerous artists that I never would have known even existed without this blog. I have learned so much. It is truly humbling not only to have discovered artists, but to have learned and keep learning the most important skill any artist needs in this world: observation. The ability to see. And to compose those elements into a meaningful work that truly tells a story or moves you in a unique way. The goal of this blog has been to go beyond the countless blogs out there that show all kinds of art but without context or explanation. A fresh point of view can really change your opinion about an artist, or at least see some of their work with a different perspective.

In these past two years I have written about over a …